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Time For Change

Spring is a time of renewal and awakening. A time when many seek a fresh start, to bring in new energy and remove the old. In hospice quality, spring can also be a time of reflection. We can look at the last year and see what has worked, what didn’t, what goals were or were not reached. Upon reflection we can use the energy of new spring to motivate us in our quality goals. This is the time to set goals, to engage our fellow staff in hospice quality initiatives and to refresh our perspective. Perhaps it is time to set new priorities, work on focusing on what quality initiatives will have the largest impact on our patient/family satisfaction. Take time to pause and consider new opportunities without over taxing ourselves and our quality program.

Use the pause to take stock, take time, and be thoughtful in what you will take on in the upcoming year. As you face competing demands, unexpected challenges and setbacks the pause, even if for a few minutes, will help to reset. It is also a good way to calm, re-orient, re energize thus making your next steps more deliberate and focused. The benefit of the pause has a ripple effect from you to others and the hospice itself. Ultimately, aiding in the process of making your quality program more efficient, effective and manageable.

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