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Business Consultation


View the variety of different services that we offer. These services include report analysis, consultations, and education. 

CAHPS Report Review

CAHPS report review, analysis, recommendations, follow-up post implementation and re-evaluation at next reporting period with modification to plan as needed.

CASPER/HIS Report Review

CASPER/HIS report review, analysis and education on correct reporting, follow- up and re-evaluation at next reporting period with re-education as needed.

SBAR Education and Implementation

Using SBAR to improve clinical documentation and capture hospice interventions. 

Development of QAPI Program

Development of a new comprehensive QAPI program which may include serving as QAPI lead for hospice. May be remote or a combination of remote and in person.

Monitoring of QAPI Program

Monitoring of QAPI program and/or PIPs including any adjustments and holding meetings, recording meetings and follow- up. May be remote or a combination of remote and/or in-person.

Mentoring New Quality Personnel

Mentoring new Quality Personnel includes at least monthly engagement and an action/implementation plan with milestones that will be reviewed and adjusted monthly as needed. May be remote or a combination of in person and remote.

Perform QAPI Audit

Perform QAPI related audit activities such as chart audits, review of current QAPI plan, and PIPs with recommendations for changes and implementation.

Other Quality Projects

Other Quality projects available upon request- pricing will be based on specifics requested.

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