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Hospice Quality Connection, LLC (“HQC”) was formed with a single goal in mind. To support hospice programs in their quality initiatives.

The mission of Hospice Quality Connection (“HQC”) is to support hospices in reaching their quality goals. We are here to assist; those who are new to hospice quality, those wanting to better engage their employees, and leadership in reaching their organizational goals as well as improving their hospice profile locally and nationally.


Lynn Stange RN, BSN, MA began her hospice career in 2003 holding roles in education, quality, compliance, and consulting. Lynn is a Registered Nurse (RN) with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a Master’s degree (MA) in Organizational Management. She has been a nurse for over 34 years. She is a past member of the international honor society for nurses, Sigma That Tau and is a previous holder of certification in Healthcare Compliance known as CHC. 


Notably, Lynn was the Chief Compliance Officer for Nathan Adelson Hospice located in Las Vegas Nevada. She was also a co-owner and a Principal of Weatherbee Resources providing consulting and guest speaking services nationally in the area of quality and hospice regulations. In 2021, Lynn served as a hospice volunteer for a local hospice before assuming the role of bedside hospice nurse in 2021 for that same hospice program. This return to the bedside was what re-ignited Lynn’s passion for quality in hospice and its ability to directly affect patient and family outcomes. Thus, HQC was born.


Fun Fact: Lynn has a fondness for feathers as her 7 year old cocker spaniel Caspar collects them at the beach and carries them home. He has quite a collection.

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