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Hospice Quality Connection

Making Hospice Quality A Reality

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Hospice Quality Connection, LLC (“HQC”) was formed with a single goal in mind. To support hospice programs in their quality initiatives. We understand that a robust quality program results in better patient and family outcomes. With that in mind, we are solely focused on the areas of hospice quality rather than the whole breadth of hospice services. We recognize that there is an abundance of hospice quality information available from a variety of sources. However, a single point of contact for hospice quality resources, tools and support does not currently exist. Our aim is to change this through the services we provide. We hope you will want to join us in “Making Hospice Quality A Reality”.


In support of the national initiative to rescue and preserve American wild mustangs and burros, HQC will make a 10% donation to Skydog Ranch/Sanctuary upon completion of all contracted projects.


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Will review your reports and will provide analysis and recommendations. 

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Provide you with consultation meetings either online or in person to discuss strategies.


Will provide education on how to increase your QAPI scores.


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